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Museum of Image and Sound - Paraná

Mostra Dignidade has already been exhibited in 14 exhibitions throughout Brazil, namely:

  1. Makenzie São Paulo 

  2. Circulo Militar São Paulo 

  3. MIS Curitiba

  4. Sinduscom SJC 

  5. Shopping Cianê Sorocaba

  6. FLIM - Parque Vicentina Aranha SJC

  7. FACENS Sorocaba

  8. Caçapava Cultural Center

  9. Museum of the Generals Ponta Grossa

  10. ILIC Congress Braga, Portugal (digital)

  11. Carambeí Historical Park

  12. Belo Brasil SJC Gallery (3 pieces)

  13. SJC Faluartes (2 pieces)

  14. RT CCAF SJC Gallery (2 pieces)

One of the most important was the exhibition at MIS Paraná (Museum of Image and Sound) where it stayed from July to October 2022.

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